Highbrow or Lowbrow?

Eyebrow grooming

So eyebrows; they’re pretty integral to that face of yours.  Under-pluck and you’re at risk of the, ‘my mother is a primate’ look, over-pluck and you’re revisiting the trauma of your early teens.  When it comes to shaping your eyebrows caution is undeniably the key and it’s important to work with what you’ve got.  Follow these steps to avoid a face of regret:


Eyebrow grooming

Does it stay or does it go?

1) First things first: make sure you trim your eyebrows to a respectable length before attacking them with tweezers.  When the hair is left long it can be easy to get carried away and over-pluck. A handy tip is to use a clean mascara wand or even a dry toothbrush to sweep those stragglers upwards.  Any hair that goes over the natural shape of your brow needs to be eradicated.

There’s an old wives tale that goes something along the lines of: ‘Careful thee who plucks above the brow’.  Well I say pluck away dear friends! Feel free to remove any stray hairs that have traveled off piste, away from the main shape.

2) Next take a pencil, brush or any straight implement.  This will be your ‘rule’ and the most important thing in your life for the next ten minutes.  Place your rule against the side of your nose pointing straight up, past your brow and towards your hairline.  Start plucking any bushy runaways that find themselves on the wrong side of your rule beginning with any little hairs that sit in the middle, between the eyes.

3) For your next trick, take your rule and place it on the tip of your nose and through the pupil of your eye to ascertain the position of your perfect arch.  Where the rule hits your brow should be the highest point of your arch.

4) Next, take that nifty rule and place it at the bottom of your nose, pointing past the outer corner of your eye.  Where it hits your brow is the perfect place for it to end, if it doesn’t quite extend to that point then gently fill the ends with the correct coloured pencil to give them more length.

5) Finally it’s time to get to the serious business of plucking.  Use concealer or white eyeliner on the hairs that you want to remove to ensure you don’t go too ‘Rambo’ and take ‘em all out.

Eyebrows frame the eyes, compliment them and should certainly NOT be the first thing people see when they look at your face.  This will mean that they have been done incorrectly and look unusual.

If you want to try something a little different why not try threading.  Facial threading is the best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.  Facial threading is bar far the least invasive method of facial hair removal, leaving the skin clean and smooth.  It is carried out using a thin twisted cotton thread, which is rolled over the hairline, removing the hairs at the follicle.  Threading can remove a whole row of hair as apposed to tweezing creating a straighter line

Top Tip:

If your brows are on the sparse side, which is generally the norm as we age, try an eyebrow serum such as RapidBrow, a product that thickens and restores eyebrow hair, helping bring back the natural shape of the brow.

The RapidBrow serum was developed following the success of RapidLash, which claims to boost and lengthen eyelashes and has sold more than 1.5million bottles worldwide since its launch in June 2010.


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