Terms & Conditions


We know T’s & C’s can be super boring but please do make yourself familiar with our terms of business so that your booking can be carried out with ease. It is the responsibility of the named person on the booking form to understand, agree, and accept responsibility for all booking conditons, including all payments due by specifed dates. By proceeding to enquire with us and to pay a deposit, you accept that you are entering into a contract and you agree to be bound by these conditons.

To download and sign our Terms & Conditions prior to booking with us please click here


1. Minimum payment for peak season weddings between May and October is £500 (or 500€) for weekend wedding day services. If services booked do not total this amount, £500 (or 500€) will stll need to be charged.
2. Payment of a non-refundable £200 (or 200€) deposit is required before a date can be held. This will be deducted from the fnal booking balance.
3. Full trial payments are due on the day of the trial.
4. The fnal and remaining balance set out on your invoice is due 14 days before the wedding day and is payable by BACS transfer


Mileage is charged at 50p per mile return, or 52cents per kilometre for travel outside of Palma for both trial and wedding day.


Please note trial payment is calculated separately and is to be paid in full by cash or card on the day of the trial.


1. Any changes to a booking, must be made by the bride (or via Wedding Planner) only.2. Changes to your booking by adding services onto your original booking can only be accepted if tme/resources allow on your wedding day as an assistant may be required in the case of a large booking, which will incur an extra fee. A minimum of 6 weeks’ notce is needed to notfy us.
3. Adding extra people on the day may put the quality of work in jeopardy or delay the ceremony and is totally at our discreton whether tme allows.4. Reducing service: You are required to give a minimum of 6 weeks notce should you wish to reduce numbers or services booked on your wedding day. Afer such tme the full amount for services cancelled will stll be payable by the specifed due date, including the cost of an assistant.
5. Minimum spend is £500 or 500€ for wedding day services booked (this excludes trials) so please keep this in mind when making changes, as you will stll be charged the minimum.6. All payments are the responsibility of the bride.
7. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your booking completely, we require a minimum of 6 weeks notce – Afer such tme the full amount will stll be payable by the specifed due date and no refunds will be given.
8. Deposits and already paid trials are non-refundable.
9. Should payments not be received we may need to consider forfeitng your wedding services and/or proceed with legal acton to recover losses to protect our business.


1. In the unlikely event Jennifer Jane, or her team, is unable to atend on the day due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, all

eforts will be made to fnd an alternatve stylist/artst to stand in.
2. If an assistng artst is needed for a large party and they are unable to atend we may ask for an earlier start tme to accommodate original numbers, or services will be refunded, either in part, or altogether.


1. In the event that we experience unforeseen delays on the day which are out of our control due to clients being late/not being ready when we need them or by not following our instructons to carry out relaxed and efcient work, refunds will not be given.
2. In the event that one or more services are forfeited as a result – no compensaton will be ofered if we overrun.
3. No refund or compensaton can be ofered for delays caused by other wedding vendors, guests, or members of the bridal party.
4. If you suspect any member of your bridal party may pose as a challenge in any way, they are encouraged to have a trial to avoid potental delays on the day.

5. Jennifer Jane always makes sure that tmeliness is very important on a wedding day, but in the unlikely event that she is delayed due to trafc/any other unforeseen circumstance, any forfeited services will be refunded.


The Client will be responsible for travel expenses to and from airports and/or parking. Return fight costs.
Accommodaton whilst at the destnaton.
Travel expenses whilst at the destnaton if applicable

Subsistence of £50 per 24 hours at destnaton
Half day positoning fee either side of wedding day
The above costs also apply to any additonal member of the team essental to carrying out the required services A 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure the booking


Jennifer Jane and her team have full public liability insurance to protect both themselves and the client.


Discounts are not given


All enquiries need to be sent via the Contact Page on the website or by emailing hello@jjmakeup.com. We cannot guarantee a tmely response through social media channels. Please note that in peak season it may take slightly longer to respond to your

queries as our full focus has to be with our current brides.


1. Jennifer Jane and her team of stylists/artsts cannot be held liable for sensitvites, allergies or skin/medical conditons that may afect the use of their products. Any losses will not be their responsibility due to the clients failure to inform or any mis- communicaton.
2. The client must inform their makeup artst of any allergies/sensitvites/skin conditons before any services are carried out. This includes before/during the trial and afer if any sensitvites/problems have been found.


1. To carry out their work efciently Jennifer Jane or one of her team artsts will need as a bare minimum a table and chair to set up and carry out services.Twenty minutes is alloted to set up and be ready in tme to start services. If suitable conditons are not provided we cannot be held responsible for delays if tme is lost due to this – please see ‘In the event of delays’ above.


It’s important that we keep on updatng our portolio and social media so please let us know if you do not wish to be photographed or if you aren’t happy for us to use your images for marketng purposes. Jennifer Jane is happy to be photographed on your wedding morning however, if an Image is incorporatng her or one of her assistants in acton, or our hair and/or make-up design is shown in the photo on social media platorms or other advertsing platorms, please kindly make reference or credit us as the hair and/or makeup artsts – we really appreciate it!


Please use the following tags when postng photos of our work as well as our personal hashtag for all of our lovely brides! @jenniferjanemua for Instagram and/or our website www.jjmakeup.com