Reasons to hire a Makeup Artist on your wedding day

1. Less Stress

Hiring a Makeup Artist means that you will be able to sit back and relax while your makeup is being applied. Weddings are stressful affairs even for the calmest of brides, having your makeup done means you will look absolutely flawless and have one less thing to think about.

2. An eye for detail

A professional Makeup Artist will understand what shades will suit your skin tone and will have many options to choose from in their kit. To make sure you are on the same page, it’s always best to go for a trial run.

3. Premium Products

If you hire a Makeup Artist for your wedding day, you will have access to products which you may not have tried before or don’t necessarily want to invest in, on top of your regular kit. Also, your MUA will have many tools and techniques of applying these, often expensive products, that you might not have, thus giving you a better more flawless result.


4. Long lasting look

The professional products in your MUA’s kit will be in there solely because of their quality and longevity. A MUA will be well versed in applying longwearing, complexion perfecting makeup that will last you well in the night.

Top tips

Your MUA has done a fantastic job on your wedding day makeup however, there are a few key items I would recommend you keep in your bridal bag at all times;

Lipstick – there will be a lot of kissing, eating and drinking involved on your big day so you will want to touch up your lips from time to time, it can also act as a handy blush touch up.

Pressed powder – keep shine prone skin at bay with a touch of powder or some blotting sheets.

Fresh breath mints – to keep you feeling fresh all day!




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